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home theater

Looking for home theater so would appreciate,if some one can help on it. can spend 2000- 2500$, want to enjoy music so as film. thanks in advance

Sure :) Just tell me geometrical parameters of your room and what musical styles you prefer mostly.

Preliminary variants are:
1.NAD 743 + NAD T512 and

2.Cambridge Audio Azur 540D + 540R and
Mordaunt-Short Avant 904 + 905C + 907W + 902 HM

Also pay attention to this page:

There are plenty of other outstanding variants

thanks for preliminary variants , my room is around 30 sqr m. i like variant 1 more. gone through it but can not understand one thing,all speakers are more or less 150 w at 8 om but you are suggesting receiver with 50w at 4/8 om.
i am having philips 42pf9956/12 tv with dvi,so i am also looking dvd player with dvi out.

i like speakers set, so looking forward for youe suggestion what type of receiver and player i can use with this set.

thanks a lot.

Ok, as for player the Denon DVD-1910 would be great for your plasma. Its pretty cheap for the device with DVI output but still has great picture. If you want want to spend more money - pay attention to the 2910 or even 3910. These top-loaded devices won't dissapoint you.
But in case you would need a good stereo I suggest buying a good standalone CD-player, like the awards-winning NAD C542.
For the 30 squares, I guess, NAD 743 wouldn't be quite enough, so take a look at 753 model. It has "honest" 70 w/channel at (4/8 Ом). It would be more than enough.

thanks a lot once again. i still need some more advise regarding speakers system. i  have chossen 3 complet as below:

1. Acoustic Energy AEGIS EVO CENTRE + AEGIS EVO ONE + AEGIS EVO SUB + AEGIS EVO THREE(as per ur suggestion).

2. Monito Audio Bronze B6+ Monitor audio Bronze B2 + Monito Audio Center + Sub ASW 100

3. Infinity Beta 50 + Beta Center + Beta 20+ Sub SW 12

can u suggest which of the above is best and with which receiver.

thanks in advance.

Well as for me I would prefer 1st variant, but still others are good enough to listen and make a choice (if you have such ability, of course). AE's pretty good at stereo and brilliant as a home theater acoustic system. And I still recommend NAD, but Denon 2105 and Arcam 200 are pretty awesome also, so take a closer look and pick up the one you like.

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