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Отзывы о AV Ресивер Yamaha RX-V559 RDS Ti

AV Ресивер Yamaha RX-V559 RDS Ti

I got this receiver at home. It has a plenty of power, however my friends Pioneer 7-th series ( 2005 model ) showed a better power output. To test the two receivers we used a set of Wharfedale Zaldec 2000 speakers.
I rated this receiver with 4 of 5 stars because It offers the best sound quality for the cost. The only receiver that is good enough as the Yamaha RX-V559 was the Denon AVR-1706 ( price range up to 350 euros, cost in Bulgaria ). The Yamaha offers a very crisp sound, clear with no distortion even on the max level. We set SP levels to max, db to max and the Volume control to max and even like this, the receiver produced crystal sound. I would recommend it to everybody who is looking for the best solution up to 350 euros. The build quality is high. My old Magnat Monitor 1000 speakers were about to die when the volume was high. The Zaldec 2000 are monsters, we could`n overload them at all with the Yamaha, neither with the Pioneer.
I didn`t give 5 stars to this receiver because it has a very complex menu. I think offering so many sound programs is making it hard to use. Also the menu itself is not easy for use. Also the receiver has no HDMI jacks.

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